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Say 'Hi' to Urban, a Bold New Design Theme for Your Site
about 1 year ago

We’re happy to share that our new theme Urban is now available for use to all our members. It's our most ambitious theme yet with a contemporary design that favors big imagery, vibrant colors and lots of white space. We see it as the perfect match for any small or mid-sized business that wants to step its game up with a professional look rooted in modern web design.


Urban introduces completely new widget designs and layouts. That's most noticeable in our Items widgets, which we specficially redesigned to give more attention to your products, services, portfolios and posts, and put them front and center with large images and clean typography.


To see what Urban is all about we compiled a bunch of preview images showing some of its widget designs.

If you want to see Urban in action check out the interactive demo template, or just go to Design Mode and change your website's theme to Urban, as shown below:



Stay tuned as we release more themes and designs to help your business website stand out. If you have any quetions, our Support Team will be happy to answer the and help you out.


Written by: Alex
Lead Designer @ Puzl


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