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How We Started a CowOrKing Space (Short Version)
about 1 year ago

When we started Puzl we set off on a mission to help small & medium businesses be more visible online, by grouping them in a community where they can create, share and sell together, more than 4 years ago. In early 2015 we figured we might as well start helping businesses offline, too. Which meant replicating our online business model to a real physical environment.


So what happened?

We rented a huge abandoned floor in an ex-sewing factory, spent a whole summer renovating it by ourselves, and on October 27, 2015, we opened Puzl CowOrKing. The first IT coworking space in Sofia, Bulgaria - created by and for IT people. A place where we could build a community that grows together on a day to day basis. A lot has happened since.




We opened a second floor - The Factory. Our community grew to more than 400 people and 40+ companies. We co-organized the first ever VR event in Sofia giving hundreds of people a glimpse of the future. We made a neat multiplayer video game. We discussed why coworking spaces matter and how to improve them. One of our co-founders was featured in Forbes' 30 under 30. We built our own arcade machine. We hosted multiple skill and technology sharing events to help our members. And we got a third space, which we started renovating.



That’s the short version. The long one includes how we almost bought a theatre, designed our own furniture and discovered a stash of old military equipment, but that will be for another day.


Written by: Petya
Chief Navigator @ Puzl CowOrKing


Curious about Puzl CowOrKing? Visit the website and learn more.



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