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How To Write a Copy That Sells?
about 1 year ago

Professional copywriting is a powerful way to present your business and get a huge outreach to your customers. Here are some tips that I want to share out of personal experience and a lot of reading:

What are the benefits for your business when done the right way?

  • It calls to action and attracts customers

  • It makes the company more recognizable

  • It increases brand awareness and credit

  • It publicly expresses company mission, vision, goals, projects in a unique way

  • It connects your brand to the customers- keeps them updated

  • It positively affects customer behavior in terms of sales

  • It advertises and builds trust in the customers/users

What is a good content?

  • Unique (no duplicate content; forget about copy/paste)

  • Well-written (Grammar, punctuation, spelling)

  • Helpful (provides added value and gives opinions, tips and tricks, provoke thinking and debates )

  • Informative

  • Educational

  • Interesting and intriguing

  • SEO friendly ( rich in keywords and meeting Google algorithm criteria)

  • Catchy and fresh

  • Well- structured and defined paragraphs

  • Up to date and trendy topics

  • Distinctive- makes difference (style, subject)

  • Showing personal style and attitude

  • Demonstrating creative thinking

  • No slangs and clichés


How to impress our audience?

  • Know your audience- age, religion,  sex, marital status, interests

  • Know your product - Highlight game/product best features

  • Research your competition

  • Find the cutting- edge competitive advantage of your game/game (Unique Selling Proposition of the product (USP)

  • Make your product stand out from the crowd- explain what makes it exclusive, different and unique

  • Offer what they want to hear- use the magical words- Special, Bonus, Best, Free, Win, Extra, Guarantee, Coupon, Discount, Free Trial. They always work but don’t use too much!

  • Find a creative angle to attract users and call to action

Most importantly bring value to the customers - learn how to strike balance between promotional and added value (educational) aspect when writing. People are tired of hard- core advertising. Show them some care!

*USP - The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.


Hope it was helpful! Happy writing!

Written by: Anton
Copywriter @ Puzl


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