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Featured Site: FIRANIP
about 1 year ago

Founded by F. Kamari, FIRANIP (First International Research Association on Neuroscience, Imaging and Psychiatry) is a student-based research association which is dedicated to valuable studies. Based in the Tabriz University of Medical Science, which is one of the top medical schools in Iran, with more than 5000 students, FIRANIP allows students to work together and do complex scientific fields research in their centers in Tabriz. These include studies on the nervous system, image processing technologies, computational neuroscience, and neuroimmunology. Basically, they do super complex science stuff which we couldn't even begin to comprehend.


They handpick only the brightest and most promising students in their respective fields, organize them in a group and fully involve them in the research process. What's cool is that they also support the students financially and they help them have a thorough literature review and design a way to test their scientific hypothesis. That's what we call a full support service.


To gather new student applications they built a website on Puzl that presents their association, the different fields they operate in and allows students to send their resume via a contact form. As you'll see below their website design strays away from the classic academic look, which uses a lot of white space and text. Instead, FIRANIP embraced our new background customization options and added beautiful large imagery as backgrounds to give a more modern and engaging feeling to their design.


In a more subtle way, they used images and background patterns to give a unique look to the pages of each of the scientific fields they operate in. You can see more of their website in the screenshots below or just head over to www.firanip.com.







Good job FIRANIP and keep it up is all that we can say.
Written by: The Puzl Team



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