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15 Great Examples of Minimalism in Websites
about 1 year ago

Here at Puzl Minimalism is one of our favorite design movements and seeing it applied to web design is always a joy, when done right. A well-designed website with a minimalist style may look simple, but they’re not always easy to design. As the saying goes "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication". When designing such a website one must aim to use plenty of white space and maximize the impact of the images and colors that will be used. Perhaps the most important thing to consider though is clearly establishing the purpose of the website and providing a simple experience for the users, eliminated of all unecessary extras.


In this post I've gathered 15 examples of my favorite use of minimalism in web design. Each of the sites I've selected makes excellent use of the key elements I mentioned that are required to make a good minimalist design. Check them out:




Why it's here? Beautiful photos that communicate the company's products directly, paired with bold typography and a pastel color palette.





Why it's here? Engaging transitions and animations and great use of white space withing a large grid.





Why it's here? Simple navigation and straight to the point content stripped of any unnecessary information.




Why it's here? Accent on thin and readable typography, clear navigation and super optimized loading.





Why it's here? Breath-taking landing screen showcasing a featured product and giving direct access to shoping categories.





Why it's here? Consistent one column grid across the whole website and an unusual navigation positioned on the left/right side of the screen.





Why it's here? Enchanting welcome screen betting it all on a single 100% background image and large logo, hover based navigation, and almost no text putting all of the focus on the photography.





Why it's here? Innovative navigation, maximized use of screen whilst avoiding cluttering the space.





Why it's here? Desaturated color palette only showing true colors on hover over a photograph, thus leading all attention to it and an amazing grid.





Why it's here? Single page design, overall simplicity and a nice blend between photos and the rest of the graphical elements.





Why it's here? Stunning use of MP4 background videos to give a subtle effect of movement to still background images.





Why it's here? Fullscreen menu navigation, oversized images to grab attention and neat fade in effects.





Why it's here? A grid layout that uses all available screen space, achieving minimalism by eliminating white space, fresh colors, and a cool way for switching clothing models.





Why it's here? Unusual color pairings, cards inspired design presenting different sections and awesome transition effects between pages.





Why it's here? One page website, effective before/after slider to present the idea and a direct call to action.


As you can see minimalism has its place in web design. It's a great way to instill a feeling of elegance, simplicity, consistency and even luxury. It's also viable if you want to direct all focus into one specific point and really get to the point of what your business is all about. So consider it. To find out if it's a good fit for you, just head over to your Puzl website and start clearing things up or switch to one of our more minimalist templates like Leeman.


Written by: Alex
Lead Designer @ Puzl

Posted in:Inspiration
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